Like most things in life, when it comes to choosing the right pool heating for you, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. That being said, we have done the leg work and found what our team knows to be the best options for Australian houses and weather patterns. Solutions that survive our hot summers, varied weather patterns and typical housing styles.

We couple this knowledge with the latest technological developments to bring you best practice solutions to suit your budget and heating goals.

The Forever Summer Pool Solutions:

Seamless Connect: The most widely adopted pool heating solution our Seamless Connect heating solution incorporates HiPec tube technology with a ‘drill and plug’ methodology. This means you get the benefits of a long term reliable heating solution that is design to maximizes swim time, minimize the need for maintenance or repairs whilst delivering the most minimalist aesthetic possible.

No bulky tubes, not high risk (cheap) connections – just tried and tested materials and methods you can rely on.

Nature Tube: For those in region with significant bird populations, our Nature Tube system offer a little extra peace of mind. Using the same approach as Seamless Connect, Nature Tube uses a hard tube rather than the soft Seamless Connect tube. This means birds are unable to nibble or pull at the tubing. Whilst unnecessary for most domestic housing environments, houses in bush land environments or large commercial rooftops can benefits from this alternate tubing style.