From leak detection to pool care, solar heating to accessories – we are here to keep summer going, forever.


Is that a leak in your pool, or are you just happy to see me?

Detecting leaks is important to avoid water damage to tiles, gardens and houses, as well as to save a rising water bill and algae growth.

Pool Care & Maintenance

So you dug that hole in the yard, and now you’re just going to leave it?

A pool is an investment. Ensure you are looking after it with the correct maintenance and care from the best in the business.

Pool Handrails & Slides

Who said you couldn’t have a water park experience at home?

Here at Forever Summer Pools, we provide purchase and installation of a wide variety of handrails and super fun pool slides.

Pool Pumps & Accessories

From pool vacuums to pumps, we have you covered.

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Get a handy high tech helper to keep your water safe, clean and clear, all year long.

We are exclusive Sunbather Dealers – the most awarded pool heating and covers company in Australia.

Solar Pool Heating

We love our sunburnt country, especially when we can harness its power to heat our pools. Running almost exclusively from renewable sunlight, solar pool heating is safe, environmentally friendly and the most cost-effective way to keep your pool water warm.

Get longer swim time out of your big investment – you didn’t dig that hole in the ground for nothing.

We work with Sunbather to provide:

  • Flexible Strip Solar
  • Rigid Solar Panels
  • Heat Pumps
  • Gas Heaters
  • Commercial Pool Heating
  • Solar Control Systems
  • DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits
  • Onsite Service

Learn more about using green energy to heat your pool here.

Pool Covers & Rollers

Using a pool cover saves energy, conserves water and has filtration and chemical benefits. With less chemical and physical cleaning needed, as well as less refilling, you can spend more time relaxing in the water instead of maintaining it.

Sunbather Pool Rollers are Australian made with the highest quality materials to withstand harsh pool environments.

We work with Sunbather to provide:

  • Thermal Pool Covers
  • Downunder Hidden Covers
  • Automatic Security Covers
  • Rollers
  • Winter Covers
  • Commercial Covers

    Learn more about your pool cover and roller options here.

It’s time to up your pool game.